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Launching Reader’s Workshop

September is here and so is Reader’s Workshop!

During the launch, students learn how to select a Just Right book, swap books in the library and build reading stamina.

Here are some of the charts that help students remember and retain strategies learned in the launch:

 Here is a chart for transitioning to the rug between tasks.

Routines chart

Here is a chart to help students choose a Just Right Book.  Students can ask these five questions and if they answer yes to them, it’s a just right book.  Students then are taught how to swap books, selecting 1 easy book, 5 JR books, and 1 challenge (or hard) book for their book bin (or bag) to use during independent reading.

Just Right Books

Here is a fellow colleague’s chart to help students exchange books in the library with ease.  The library tickets are the student’s independent guided reading level.  What I like about this is that most of her students are able to stay in their own JR book level and are therefore less frustrated.

Book Swap chart

Here is a chart to help students understand what Independent Reading “looks like, feels like, sounds like”. Students decide if they were a 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the Independent Reading Rubric.

What Does IR Look Like? chart

Here is a chart for building stamina. In second grade, students come to independent reading with some strategies for sustained purposefully quiet reading but many still need to create this stamina.  This chart explains that stamina is needed but needs to be built.  Every day teacher can watch to see how long the majority of the class can read without losing focus.  Once the class begins to fall off, move the post it note up the steps until the goal of 15 minutes is met.  In 2nd grade, by mid year students can sustain this reading for at least 25 minutes.  This is a great beginning year strategy. Thank you http://chartchums.wordpress.com/ for this one!

Building Stamina in Reading


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life in 110

Welcome to life in 110.  🙂 I am sure you are thinking what am I going to share here with you.

Well, a little of everything from Room 110.

It’s my little slice of life– my ongoing passion for teaching reading, growing and sharing my practice and of course, the craziness that is 2nd grade!  Here is this little room in one year, I get to watch my little ones grow up.  2nd grade is the get divide between the needy child we all once were to the independent thinker and worker that we all become.  It’s an exciting and at times frustrating time for students, parents and even teachers.  But there is so much to share about 2nd grade these days!  Education asks students to reason and think more than ever, and of course, we rise to the occasion!

I hope to post happenings in our room throughout the year, as well as lessons and charts for teachers to access.  Due to my recent pursuit of my CAGS in Reading, much will be gears towards Reader’s Workshop 🙂

So sit back, and enjoy life in 110!  I know I do my best to EVERY DAY! LOL

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