So, now what do I do?

October 12th and I’ve been in my reading room for over a month.   It’s like being a new teacher all over again!  I knew the jump to high school would be daunting but I still was unprepared for what direction I needed to take with such different groupings of students.

So the first thing I did was assess, assess, and assess!  I began with Bader IRI from Pearson. During my CAGS program, we used the Bader to complete a case study on a struggling reader.  I chose a kindergartner so this was my firs time using this with adolescents.  I am happy to say it is very comprehensive.  I was pleased with the baseline I was able to gain on my students. With the Bader, I was able to screen for:  Student Priorities, Graded Word List, then Graded Passages.  I continued with Structural Analysis.

Bader Reading & Language Inventory 6th Edition


If I found structural needs, I then administered the Quick Phonics Screener and determined any need for those students.  Most of my high school students did not need this, which was a pleasant surprise.  The few that did, however, mostly struggled with two or three syllable words.  I continued with a spelling inventory (Bader again), a writing sample, and Cloze and Maze passages to assess monitoring for meaning.  My district has very limited resources but we do have some for fluency in the form of Great Leaps and Read Naturally Live, which I am using to set a baseline for my students.

Quick Phonics Screener


Link to full copy of Quick Phonics Screener

CORE Maze Passages

CORE Maze Passages

link to full copy and directions for CORE Maze Passages

So, now what?

This last month I have devoted myself to figuring out what to do with a diverse groups of students with mainly comprehension needs.  My next post will share the materials and resources I used to begin setting up comprehension lessons and practice for my 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders.

Happy Columbus Day weekend all!


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