I’m back and blogging again… in 4th grade!

So made the switch to fourth grade this year. Big change that comes with more test stress but a better curriculum and relationship with the older kids.

And I am dedicating this blog solely to anchor charts and my love of them! I am a visual learner and I have learned more about teaching balanced literacy from anchor charts than I have from reading lessons.  They just put things in perspective quickly for me and become a sort of- agenda,  if you will.  So I am sharing everything we do at my school.

You may wonder where I work.  I am currently working in a low income, urban district that is a Level 5 in Massachusetts.  My school just came into Level 1 status.  So proud of our hard working teachers and staff, new and old. 🙂

I attribute our success to our strong commitment to balance literacy.  “Student as teacher, Teacher as coach” has propelled our nearly 80% English language learning student population into the highest level in our state.

So sit back and enjoy the charts!  First up, the beginning of the year–


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